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PACE Yourself!
 Peaceful Arrival Childbirth Education  

Childbirth Education,
for expecting mothers and partners,
teaching you the techniques you need for your safe,
satisfying and more comfortable birthing experience.

It is based on the proven concept that when the mind is free from fear and tension, the body can be free of pain and will function as it was created to do.   You truly can  birth your baby safely, without drugs, and be able to do it in comfort.

I'm a  strong advocate against unnecessary medical intervention in the birthing process.  Many care providers subscribe to the AML - 'Active Management of Labor' or 'Medically Managed Labor' philosophy. 

But, early and routine interventions can cause:

  • increased surgical births (Cesarean Sections)
  • increased use of forceps or vacuum extractions
  • negative impact on breastfeeding moms/babies
  • decreased women's satisfaction with their labor and birth experience

Technology is a wonderful thing, but for the low or no risk category of pregnancies, it is used far too often.  With this Childbirth Education course, you will gain an understanding of the various interventions commonly offered in a hospital setting and what are their benefits, risks and alternatives.

Do you want the same birthing experience that most women have in the hospital?  Watch this video and let me help prepare you to have a less 'medicalized' birth:

"You Have a Choice" // A Short Birth Documentary from Mark Mroz.

You DO have a choice!                                                   "If you don't know your options, then you don't have any."

Birthing is nature characterized at its best.  When you understand the physiology of the natural birth process, you create trust essential for a comfortable and safe birth for both you and your baby.  With knowledge and profound relaxation, you will reach an awareness of your body as the most perfect instrument of nature.                            


            It’s about the destination AND the journey!

                 For more information, please contact:

Sheri J. Uhrig, CLE


Childbirth and Lactation Educator

(Reno, NV)

~ the education you need for the birth you want ~