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Written Testimonials:

"When my wife first told me she wanted a natural and unmedicated birth I was unsure how I could help her accomplish that goal. After hearing about doulas from several nurses at the hospital, I knew having a doula in the delivery room would be a good option for us. After interviewing several doulas we decided to hire Sheri. From the first moment meeting Sheri we felt a great connection with her. She is very warm, comforting, and motherly. Sheri also offers more than just her doula service. She offers classes about the birth process and she offers placenta encapsulation services, both of which I highly recommend. My wife’s water broke at 3 a.m. and contractions started 15 minutes later. Around 4 a.m. we were on our way to the hospital when the time came to call Sheri. Sheri was at the hospital 30 minutes later. From the moment Sheri arrived until she left about two hours after my wife gave birth to our son Stellan, she was an amazing support to both of us. Sheri brings comfort, knowledge, and a neat little bag of tricks to the delivery room. Sheri was a great support to my wife during the labor process. She played music, massaged my wife’s back, held a portable fan up to her, and much more. During the 14 hour labor there were two times my wife wanted to throw in the towel and get the epidural. The first was about eight hours in to the whole process and the second was just minutes before my wife was informed it was time to push our son out. Even though Sheri would have respected my wife’s decision to get the epidural she gave her options to try before she made her final decision. In the end my wife made it through the delivery without getting the epidural and was able to have the birth that she wanted. I know in my heart that my wife had the natural and unmedicated birth that she wanted because of Sheri. It was Sheri’s knowledge, comfort, warm motherly qualities, and that little bag of tricks that helped my wife through the process. I would recommend Sheri to any of my family or friends and Sheri will definitely be at our next birth. Thank you Sheri for sharing a part of our miracle."          ~  Steve, Valerie and Stellan Sexton

"Our son Jacen James, was born June 25th, 2010, after 18 hours of natural labor and using HypnoBirthing techniques. It was by sheer fate and fortune that we were blessed enough to find 'Peaceful Arrival' and have the opportunity to meet Sheri Uhrig and have her be a part of the most precious event in our lives.

I had known from the moment my husband and I found out we were pregnant that I wanted a natural birth, free of drugs and unnecessary medical intervention. After a quick internet search for "natural birthing" in the Reno area, I found Sheri's website. It was the first and only website I looked at. I just knew HypnoBirthing was for us. With my husband's utmost support, we began taking classes.

Not only were the classes truly informative and the environment in which they took place, both incredibly beautiful and relaxing for both my husband and myself, but the classes gave us the the confidence and encouragement to know that we really could have the birth WE wanted for ourselves and our baby.

Sheri's method of teaching puts you in a relaxed, comfortable state that allows you to take in each bit of information and leave with a feeling of EXCITEMENT and eagerness, as opposed to fear and uncertainty about labor and delivery. The techniques we learned in HypnoBirthing allowed me to remain relaxed and comfortable while birthing our son, they also kept me relaxed and comfortable during my pregnancy and have continued to keep my in that peaceful state as a brand new mother.

Our son is the true definition of a HypnoBirthing baby as well, he has been free of colic, is incredibly confident and eager to learn about his new surroundings, is incredibly advanced, and rarely cries when he's in need of something. He's so laid back, and truly peaceful in every meaning of the word.

HypnoBirthing is remarkable. These classes not only benefit your pregnancy and labor, they benefit yourself and your family, providing you with methods that allow you to relax and take life in stride."                                                             ~ Amy                                                                            

"Dear Sheri,                                                                     How can we even begin to thank you for all you have added to our lives?  We so enjoyed our time with you - as our teacher, doula and friend. :)  ...  Thank you so much for giving us 'your course on baby signing'!  We are inspired again and eager to share another special experience with Cavery.  You are a rare and beautiful soul definitely living life the best way!    Always,                                                                     Melissa, Cullen and Cavery"

"Sheri,                                                                     Thank you so much for your professionalism and caring way.  A special thanks for the 'Happy Pills'!  The work you do means so much to our family and others.  You have such a gentle and gracious way about you.  Thanks so much.                        Respectfully,                                                              Tam, Dave, Max and Alex"

"Sheri is an extraordinary person who is committed to supporting pregnant women and their partners to fulfill their dream for a peaceful arrival of their newborn.  We assumed hypnobirthing classes would focus on relaxation exercises.    We were pleasantly surprised to also learn about the birthing process, various comfort measures and postnatal family bonding, among other things.  In fact, thanks to Sheri's lessons, we turned down the postnatal bath at the hospital so our baby could benefit from absorbing the antimicrobial proteins from the vernix.  We couldn't be more indebted to Sheri and Peaceful Arrival for helping us achieve the birth we dreamed of.                                                                  Regan"

"...Thanks for taking the time to read my detailed account of my successful Hypnobirthing- I'm a detail-oriented girl. ;) I'm so proud of myself for what I was able to do and I have the ultimate respect for my body. Its true that we were made for this and I just KNOW, especially now, that what I learned during the Hypnobirthing classes was INVALUABLE!!! It was one of the smartest decisions I ever made. Another smart decision was choosing Sheri Uhrig as our Hypnobirthing practitioner. She was wonderful! Thank you, Sheri!"            Link to:   Christie's Birth Blog

"Dear Sheri,
I just wanted to thank you for the invaluable skills your Hypnobirthing class taught my husband and I. I can honestly say, even as a first time mother, I had as close to a short and painless labor as one could hope for. I utilized several Hypnobirthing techniques, including listening to birth affirmations in early labor, visualization, and repeating positive birth mantras internally during surges. I was never fearful during the whole process and remained calm and collected. Eric was a great birth partner and helped me stay focused. I feel the information we learned together in your class helped us welcome our son Asher in a gentle, joyful and very successful home birth. Please continue to share these techniques with other parents, so that they, too, can have their babies welcomed with a 'peaceful arrival'!

Brittany, Eric, and Baby Asher"

"Dearest Sheri ~                                                              We wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our time together.  You enriched this experience ten-fold and may we just add that 'you have it' - you have that rare presence that puts one 'at ease'!  We wish you the best of luck in your future as a HypnoBirthing Educator / Midwife.  You are fabulous! We'll miss you!  Don't forget I want you as my doula if it can work out.                                                             Thank you,                                                                      Love, Ali and Dan"

"Hi Sheri:                                                                Thank you for taking your time to give us all the information we need to know about Hypnobirthing.  I know it has calmed a lot my fears.  Congratulations on your first mom giving birth.  I honestly can't wait for that day.  We would love to have your as our doula.  Let us know what we need to do.              Thanks for all your help.
Hannah and Jim"

"Sheri ~                                                                   ...Our sincere thanks for all you did to help us in our birthing experience.  While it didn't go as I had hoped, I don't know what I would have done without you.  Your kind heart and constant attentiveness really got us through.  You were truly a Godsend.  Thank you so much for your part in bringing precious E3 (Earl III) into the world. Warmly,                                                                  Sandy and Earl"

"Sheri,                                                                            I am so thankful for the role you played last night!  I keep thinking how different the whole thing would have gone had you not been there for us all.  I can't express that enough!"      ~ Melissa

"Sheri,                                                                        We are truly blessed to have found you.  Thank you so much for everything you've done for us.  Our birthing experience was amazing.  We love you!                                                  Aaron, Ti and Kember"