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       Birth at Your Own PACE!

   PACE Peaceful Arrival Childbirth Education 

The PACE Course empowers you to feel confident about your upcoming experience.  Gather all of the most important information on how to have your best birth!  Learn why you can trust the process, how to create the optimal birthing atmosphere (and why it matters) and effective comfort measures and techniques.

This course includes a wide variety of subjects covering pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum.               (See 'Childbirth Education Advantages' page for curriculum content.)

Course consists of 7 hours ~ divided into                            2 convenient - 3.5 hour classes                                        Course includes notebook with extensive information.

Course price:  Only $150 / couple                                 Credit Cards also accepted for your convenience.

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Other Classes Offered:

My Smart Hands ~ Baby Sign Language 
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Essential Oils ~ Continuing Education Series
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All Classes are taught at The Nurturing Nest

Reno's Premier Education Center for New and Expecting Parents (5301 Longley Lane, Suite A8, Reno, NV 89511)          775-825-0800   

For class enrollment, visit           or contact Sheri (775-721-9999)                                       or The Nurturing Nest (775-825-0800)

or email Sheri at:


(Sheri - when classes were taught in the Zen Den!)

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Your Birth Partner is also an important and integral part of the process and your support system.  These classes will teach many comfort measures and educate you both in risks, benefits and alternatives of common interventions.  Your Birth Partner will become an active participant rather than an onlooker who feels helpless and unknowledgeable.  It is very important that you both attend all classes to give you the best chance the most positive experience.