Peaceful Arrival ~ Birth Services

NEW Classes!!

All classes now taught at: 

The Nurturing Nest!

Reno's Premier Education Center for New and Expecting Parents (5301 Longley Lane, Suite A8, Reno, NV 89511)          775-825-0800   

For class schedule and enrollment, visit                                             or contact Sheri (775-721-9999)                                       or The Nurturing Nest (775-825-0800)     


  • My Smart Hands ~ Baby Sign Language 

Come have fun with your baby while learning to help your baby communicate earlier with baby sign language! Find out first hand the incredible benefits of teaching your hearing baby to sign.  Independent studies prove that babies who sign:

  • can communicate before they can speak
  • speak earlier than non-signers
  • experience less frustration
  • have IQs that are 10-12 points higher
  • develop larger vocabularies
  • demonstrate a greater interest in books
  • have better imaginations
  • possess greater self-esteem
  • experience a closer bond with their parents and siblings


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  • Natural Remedies with Essential Oils
1 hour ~ FREE
Experience safe, inexpensive and effective options for common ailments with therapeutic grade essential oils that are safe for the whole family. 


  • Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth and Babies
1 hour ~ FREE
Discover gentle, effective essential oils safe enough for you and your baby.  These Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade Oils can help with overcoming annoying pregnancy symptoms, give emotional and physical relief in labor, soothe postpartum discomfort and create natural options for your baby's wellness needs too!  Be sure to leave with a free sample!